Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any question, kindly don't hesitate to contact us thru our main page. We'll be at your kind disposal anytime

 As a new user, you will be asked to enter your mobile no. just once. Then a SMS containing a 4-digit code will be sent instantly to your registered mobile no. and you will be asked to enter it within time limit for verification. You can ask to resend the codes again, if you didn’t get it within the limited time. Alternatively, you can use your Facebook or Google account to start using RAFEEQ in seconds. 

 Having a verified mobile number is now mandatory if you wish to contact a driver, book a seat or offer a ride. It is a simple way of guaranteeing to the other members that your number is really valid, and that you will be reachable if necessary. It increases the level of reliability and trust within the community. 
And of course, no other use will be made of your number: it will be never used for commercial purposes. 

 Your phone number is provided to the driver when you make a booking or to the passenger who has booked a seat with you. 
The number is saved on your profile and is not displayed anywhere else on the platform as a means of ensuring the reliability of the service. 

 Facebook / Google Connect allows you to log in very easily and quickly on RAFEEQ by synchronizing the information of your Facebook / Google account and the information required by RAFEEQ when creating your profile. It facilitates completing your profile and gives it more credibility. 

 You need to be over 18 to create a profile on RAFEEQ. However, if you have a teen who wants to travel, you can book a ride for him using your account under your full responsibility after registering him in your profile under “MY FOLLOWERS”. 
Kindly check our Terms & Conditions (Article 4.2.2.) for more. 

 We encourage you to mention things like your profession, hobbies, likes/dislikes or be more specific about what kind of ride you prefer (quiet or talkative!) and one reason why you carpool. This is increasing trust between members and giving prior information about the subjects that can enrich your conversation during the trip. Helping you learn about someone before hitting the road. A little extra info gives extra comfort, security and trust to other parties. 

It is very important, that members see what other members look like, especially so that they can recognize each other at the meeting point!
Passengers are much more likely to consult an offer from a driver whose profile photo is displayed. 
Therefore, we recommend that all of our members add a profile picture. Not only does it increase the percentage of completion of your profile, but it gives you more visibility!

Don’t forget that the objective is for other members to recognize you at the meeting point!
Accordingly, your photo must meet certain characteristics:
·       The photo should be realistic, not cartoons or funny faces
·       Be alone in the photo
·       Do not wear sunglasses to be recognizable.
·       Zoomed in on your face
·       Smile
·       Be presentable

RAFEEQ community is built on trust. To help build a reliable and trustworthy community, members are asked to add some of documents in their profile for verification.
Thus, we ask members to add their ID in their profile. By verifying your ID, you’ll increase your chances of getting people to carpool with. All other members will see your ID have been verified by RAFEEQ, and they’ll be more likely to choose to carpool with you!
You will be asked to add copy of your National Identity Card for local trips and your passport copy for international trips. Your ID will not be shared with anyone. its details will not be visible to other members; they will only see a tick on the label "Verification of National ID’’ displayed on your profile. The details of your ID are kept strictly confidential.

To help give passengers a better idea of the experience traveling with you, and to add more security and trust for the members of our community.
If that doesn’t inspire you, remember, the more information you add about yourself and your car, the more likely people will be to want to travel with you 

To add more security and trust for the members of our community, it is helpful to add copy of your driving license in your profile, as a driver.
This will be verified by RAFEEQ and its details will not be visible to other members; they will only see a tick on the label "Verification of Driving License’’ displayed on your profile.

In response to coronavirus (COVID-19), you should take care about the following steps:
·       Please make sure to follow sanitary guidelines put in place by the local authorities.
·       Don’t travel in case of symptoms.
·       It is preferable not to offer all your car seats since there is a need for social distancing. We recommend you offer two or one seat back instead of three. To allow all drivers to guarantee the comfort of their trip by ensuring the maximum amount of distance between the passenger and driver, we strongly recommend offer only one seat in the back for one passenger in the car.
·       Always wear a mask and instruct the passengers to wear masks during the trip for your safe all.
·       Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds or sanitise your hands when arriving and leaving.
·       Don’t shake hands.
·       Limit the time you spend at petrol stations and motorway services. Try to keep your distance from other people and, if possible, pay by VISA.
·       Clean door handles and other areas that people may touch between journeys using gloves and standard cleaning products.
·       Avoid physical contact and have good ventilation (keep the car windows open, if possible).

After filling your profile with the mandatory fields, all you need to do is to click on “ADD A TRIP” in the main screen and then follow these steps:
• 1st step:
      o Choose if your planned trip is internal or external.
      o Choose the date and time of the planned trip.
      o Enter where you’re leaving from and arriving to. Use your nearest station, or even your address.
      o Add passing points along the route if you need to pick up or drop off passengers or both.
      o Add any relevant info about your trip.
• 2nd step
      o Select among the trip conditions that you are planning to apply during the trip.
      o Decide how you want to approve booking; either automatic approval or manual.
      o Select your registered vehicle that you are planning to travel by.
• 3rd step
      o Select the seats that you want to offer for passengers.
      o Add seat price after checking the suggested price.
      o Click ADD and you’re done!

There are two different approval booking modes, and you can choose which one you prefer.
- Automatic Approval (preferred by passengers)
If you don’t have much time to organize your carpool, Automatic Approval is for you:
Your passengers book and pay directly online.
You receive a notification for each booking with the passenger's name and mobile number. The passenger also gets your contact information and will be able to contact you immediately.
The system works on a first-come, first-served basis!
- Manual Approval
If you want to confirm your passengers one by one and you can be reactive to booking requests, you can opt for disable Automatic Approval. Each booking request is subject to your consent prior to its approval.
You have two hours to accept the passenger's request. This means that you will often need to respond rather quickly to booking requests.
Passengers like to have a quick response. Only choose this booking mode if you can respond swiftly. Any requests not approved within the time limit will be automatically declined. If you don't think you'll be able to respond quickly enough to request, choose Automatic Approval instead to avoid missing out on bookings.

This will reduce the number of questions asked by members looking for a trip.
You can use your message for passengers to give details about:
·       your schedule flexibility
·       how much space you have for luggage
·       The reason for your trip
·        Whom will already be travelling with you. 
·       You can also clarify your meeting point, for example, if you have a specific landmark in mind.
For messaging, you should follow “Messaging Guidelines”.

As a Passenger, If you book a seat with a driver, based on the quality of the ratings they have received on his profile and then find out that a different driver shows up at the meeting point, you may not trust this person anymore and are entitled to cancel your ride.
Therefore, it is not accepted to offer a ride on behalf of another driver, since drivers have a much greater responsibility for the safety of the passengers.

It is not possible to send an unaccompanied parcel in a carpool.
For security reasons, parcels will only be allowed in a carpool if its owner is traveling with them.
It is important to know that, as a driver, you are solely responsible for the transport of the passengers and objects that are in your vehicle. For this reason, it is very important that you know who and what you are transporting, and to ask to open any luggage (bags, suitcases, parcels, etc) that you will accept in your vehicle. Therefore, we have decided to apply this restriction as a security measure and as a means of protecting you.

It is not mandatory to add passing points on the way, but we recommend you do so to increase your chances of finding passengers. 
Example: You offer a ride from city A – City B.
By including a passing point in city C, a passenger searching for a ride from city A – city C or city C – city B will see your ride in the search results.

We recommend a price per each seat on your trip taking in consideration that the price of the front seat is more than the others. These suggestions help you set fair price for your seats to get your seats filled!, but can still be adjusted within a margin of our recommendation.
We help you with the price to make it easy to share your costs, but also to prevent people from profiting from carpooling.
The amount you see is calculated based on what will help you save the most on your travel costs (fuel, depreciation, tolls, etc.) for a given trip. It’s also specific to how far you’re going, with a set amount for each kilometer you’re traveling.
The price and currency are based on the departure town or city, which is simpler and more transparent for everyone, no matter where they’re located.

The platform gives you a suggested price to cover your trip cost. At the same time, we give you a limited deviation from this suggested price to the restricted price in order to include all of your invisible costs. Your seat price could be chosen between the suggested price and the restricted one, but you cannot exceed the restricted price in any way to prevent you from profiting from this trip. Remember the aim behind the seats price is to share the trip cost with your traveling companions.

You can freely select price below the suggested price. No restriction about that!
In some cases, drivers want just a traveling companion and they don’t care about sharing the trip cost, so they can select even zero price! 
It will not be out of the way to highlight that RAFEEQ will keep the minimum service fees to be shown to the passengers as part of the seat price.

If you haven’t got any bookings, you’re free to edit your ride as much as you want. 
You can’t edit anything once a passenger books. So kindly be sure about all details in your trip before adding it.

Once a passenger books a seat, you cannot edit or do any changing in your trip. It’s the best way to prevent misunderstandings and potential cancellations.
Passengers book based on the details of your trip. Understandably, it’d be unfair to make these changes after a booking. 

You can edit your trip details simply as soon as you notice the error if there is no booking done.
Once one booking applied and confirmed, you can’t edit your trip. We advise you to contact passengers explaining the mistake. If the changes don’t suit them, you should cancel your trip and publish a new one. As a result, all bookings will be cancelled, and we’ll automatically refund your passengers.

A driver is responsible for everything in the vehicle. This includes luggage that belongs to their passengers.
A driver therefore has the right to open and check their passengers’ luggage. Just as a passenger can ask to see the driver’s license or insurance.
We recommend that everyone labels their luggage to avoid any mixups.

  •  Ask to see your passengers’ passports when you pick them up. No one wants to get stuck at the border.
  • Mention in the details of your trip that passengers need to have valid ID.
  • Label your passengers’ luggage. 
  • Check the driving rules for the country you’re going to.
  •  Remember to drive on the right!

To find a trip suitable for you, just follow the following steps:
  • 1st step: 
    • Click “LOOK FOR A TRIP”
  • 2nd step:
    • Choose if the trip you are looking for is internal or external.
    • Enter where you’re leaving from and arriving to. In addition, select your address in the departure city and the address that you would like to reach in the arrival city.
    • Choose the date and no. of seats you want to book.
    • Select among the trip conditions that you would like to be applied during the trip.
    • Click “Search”
  • 3rd step:
    • Choose the most convenient trip for you. You might find a trip leaving from around the corner and dropping you off exactly where you want to go.
    •  Book the seats and pay if this trip has automatic approval, otherwise, you will wait driver manual approval for your booking before processing the payment step.

       I.         First find a driver that is offering a ride with corresponding departure and arrival cities in a time frame that fits your schedule!
      II.         Every member has a member level attached to their profile. It allows other members to easily identify the trust level the member reached in the platform by how many ratings from other members he has received. Ratings are an essential for the establishment of trust between members and it is important to refer to them when deciding who you will travel with.
     III.         All Drivers’ profiles have a photo of the member, and even the vehicle that will be used for the trip. Drivers also indicate their trip conditions, for example if they smoke, like to talk, like music etc… You can also check out their trip description in order to learn a little bit more about them.
With all these elements, it is easy to be confident you are choosing the right driver.
We always suggest you choose a “SAFEER” or a “KHABEER” member, who has several positive reviews.

If the driver deactivates “Automatic Approval”, that means he chooses to review each booking request. he has two hours to reply. If the booking request is approved, you can then pay and a notification with the driver’s contact details will be sent to you immediately afterwards, so that you can get in touch for coordination.
If the driver declines your request or doesn't reply in time, you will not be charged.

If the driver offers a trip in Automatic Approval mode, your booking is automatically accepted by the driver and you can pay immediately after booking.
A notification with the driver’s contact details will be sent to you immediately after booking, so that you can get in touch for coordination.

RAFEEQ is your best choice for last-minute travel!
BUT we recommend that you book your seat at least 2 hours before the ride is scheduled to leave, to avoid missing the departure!
If you book shortly before departure, it is possible that the driver has already left, or you are unable to reach him on the phone to coordinate.

As a driver, If you accept a passengers’ booking request after checking their profile and find out that the person showing up at the meeting point is someone else, you may not trust them anymore and are entitled to refuse to transport this person, solely for this reason.
Therefore, it is better to encourage each person who would like to use the services of RAFEEQ to create his own profile instead of booking him a seat on his behalf. 
But RAFEEQ give you a chance to book for your followers; like your family members and your co-traveler friends after registering them in your profile under “MY FOLLOWERS

The front seat, beside the driver, has a little bit higher price than other regular seats since it is more comfortable, more visibility for the road and has an advantage of direct negotiation with the driver for the members who like to talk during the trip.
If you select the front seat, it will not be out of the way to recommend you keep talking to the driver without distracting him. The main goal is to keep him awake all over the journey. It is a good chance to conduct a fruitful discussion and establish a friendship with him. 
For safety issues, it is prohibited for the children to use the front seat during the trip. 

A child occupies an entire seat, regardless of whether they need a child car seat or use a seat belt like any other passenger.
Therefore, there is no reduced rate for children and does not require any justification from the driver.
As a rule, it is wise to contact the driver before booking a seat for a child, in order to ensure that they accept a child in their vehicle and can be properly equipped (car seat, booster seat, carrycot etc.). If the driver does not have necessary equipment required for the transportation of a child, it will be up to you to provide it.
We would also like to remind you that the use of the site is not permitted to minors (under the age of 18), unless the booking is made by parents.

For security reasons, parcels and goods will only be allowed in a carpool if the owner is travelling with them.
By prohibiting the transport of anything besides passengers, we hope to improve the quality and reliability of our service and simplify the exchange between members.
If you would still like to bring your parcel along on your trip, make sure to ask permission from your driver beforehand, as the driver remains free to refuse any and all requests of this sort.
If the parcel or goods you are looking to bring with you are oversized, we would like to remind you that it may be necessary to book additional seats to compensate for the extra space that these goods may occupy.

A driver is responsible for everything in the vehicle. This includes luggage that belongs to their passengers.
A driver therefore has the right to open and check their passengers’ luggage. Just as a passenger can ask to see the driver’s license or insurance.
We recommend that everyone labels their luggage to avoid any mixups.

It happens, but we know how disappointing it can be. That’s why we compensate you for last minute cancellations. 
we’ll compensate driver according to the following cases:
  • The passenger cancels 24 hours before the trip leaves
    • Driver: We’ll make the seat available for new passengers, but driver won’t be compensated. There’s still plenty of time for him to find another passenger. 
    • Passenger: We’ll give passenger a full refund, excluding service fees
  • The passenger cancels less than 24 hours before the trip leaves
    • Driver: We’ll make the seat available for new passengers, and driver will receive 50% of the cancelled booking, even if a new passenger books.
    • Passenger: We’ll refund passenger 50% of his booking, excluding service fees. However, if he books in the last 24 hours before the trip, but cancels within 30 minutes of booking, we’ll refund his booking, excluding service fees.

It’s even worse when someone doesn’t show up after 15 min. waiting! 
When the driver raises claim, we'll get to work on his claim. We give the passenger 7 days to agree or disagree with driver to be fair. If it turns out the passenger was at fault, driver will get 100% of the money.

·       If there is no booking, it is easy for the driver to cancel the trip.
·       If there is at least one booking and driver can’t travel anymore, he can cancel, but he should let his passengers know ASAP. They’ll be grateful for the extra time to find another ride. We’ll let them know about the cancellation also. The driver won’t be penalised for cancelling, but when drivers cancel regularly and/or at the last minute, we can suspend them from offering rides to keep RAFEEQ reliable.
·       Passengers will then get their money back, including service fees.